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Welcome to Carnell Cues. My name is Rob Carnell and I am based in Sydney, Australia.

I hope you find some of the content to be of interest to you.

Most of my workshop equipment is CNC (computer numeric control) including a lathe, milling machine, router, laser engraver and 3D printer.

Use the Contact Form to let me know if you need any more information or to get a quote.

The lower cue pictured above is my own playing cue. It is fully maple cored. Forearm is Ebony with Tasmanian Blackwood points, handle is Tasmanian Blackwood wrapped with Python pattern leather. Butt sleeve is Ebony with very rare 1000 year old Huon Pine inlays. Rings are Maple/Ebony. Shaft is AAA+ Canadian Rock Maple bored for low deflection. Tip is Kamui Soft, Ferrule is Tomahawk. There is a carbon fiber extension.