I have the following tips in stock and usually a tip change can be done same day I receive the cue. Price depends on which tip you pick.

Playing Cue Tips Jump/Break Cue Tips
  • G2
  • Ultraskin
  • Moori
  • Kamui - Original, Black & Clear/Black
  • Elk Master
  • Predator BK Rush (original)
  • White Diamond
  • Samsara
  • Phenolic
  • Phenolic Tip/Ferrule combo
  • Clear Acrylic - I make these myself, they look very cool!

I play quite often at both Cityheroes Burwood and Ten Pin City at Lidcombe so I could meet you and pickup the shaft if required. I can usually have the job finished the next day. My workshop is in Homebush.

Some pictures of various tips are shown below.

White Diamond Jump/Break Tip white diamond
Kamui Clear/Black kamui clear black
Phenolic combined jump/break tip & ferrule. phenolic
G2. g2
Ultraskin. ultraskin