Tip Replacement - Meucci

Replacement of the tip on a Meucci "The Pro" shaft.

I take a lot of time with this to ensure tips are as identical as I can make them.

The old tip was cut off with a Stanley knife leaving a thin sliver of leather. Its importnt not to cut too deep and damage the ferrule.
Then the shaft was fitted with a precision collet and chucked in my lathe so the last of the tip could be removed with a few light facing cuts.
Ready for new tip. Tip Off
Replacement tip is a Kamui Black Soft from Cueworld. Kamui Black Soft
Next the tip is lightly sanded to provide good adhesion. Tip Sanded
Then the tip and cue end are scored ready to accept glue. A final clean with alcohol, then on to the fitting. Tip Scored
This is the glue I use - Locktite Super Glue UltraGel Control. This has worked very well for me, but is a bit hard to get. Glue
Glue is spread thinly onto the tip, then pressed into place on the cue using a jig in the tailstock. Glue squeezes out the sides. Tip Glued 1
Excess glue is wiped off before it sets. Tip Glued 2
Pressure is applied for 15 minutes while the glue bonds. Tip Glued 3
Tip is trimmed to size in the lathe.
Tip finished turned to diameter. Tip Turned
I think it is really important to get a consistent tip shape, so I cut it automatically to any programmed radius. This is done with a computer numerically controlled (CNC) lathe. Yes, it's overkill, but why not! Tip Shape
Tip after profiling. Tip Profile
Last job is to apply Tip Touch to the sides of the tip and buff. This seals the sides of the tip and helps stop it from mushrooming. Tip Touch
Finished Job. Finished Tip