Making Cue Rings

Here is the process I use to make cue rings.

The rings shown are made from Merbau, and the inlays are Tasmanian Oak.

They are cut on my CNC mill using a 4th axis to index between cuts.

I use a high speed spindle rather than the mill spindle as the extra speed gives better slot finish.

After cutting the slots, the edges of the slots are sanded, then epoxy is added and the inlays put in place. A wrap of electrical tape will ensure nothing moves until the glue has set.

Then the piece is moved to the lathe where it is trimmed to diameter, then the individual rings are faced off with a parting tool.


I take a fine cut first just to make sure everything is lined up correctly. Then the full cut is made then indexed for the next one. first cut
Slots cut to depth. There are 6 slots 6mm wide. slots cut
Inlays glued in place. inlays glued
Blank turned and faced. faced
Slicing off individual rings. cutting
Finished rings - ready for a cue. finished rings