Predator P2 Restoration

This cue came to me in sub-par condition.

The rubber bumper had previously broken off and the owner tried glueing it back on with epoxy. This didn't work, and meant that the weight bolt was covered with epoxy. Then someone tried to get the weight bolt out and burred the screw so it would not come out! So, I managed to soften the epoxy to get the bolt out, then I redrilled the hole and fitted a brass plug for an extension. This is removable to get to the weight bolt.

Metal caps at both ends of butt were scratched and these were buffed out and polished.

The leather grip seemed ok so this stayed on. 

Shaft was covered in chalk and the ferrule was badly scratched. So it was stripped, lightly sanded with 1000 grit wet and dry then resealed and waxed. Now looks brand new and smooth as silk after treatment!

Here is the mess after the bolt came out. Epoxy everywhere. Very messy job from someone. epoxy
Butt was mounted in my lathe using a precision collet, and the epoxy was drilled out first. drilling
Then the threads were recut as they were full of epoxy. tapping
The aluminium butt cap was quite scratched. scratched
But it polished up pretty well. polished
This is the weight bolt in original state, totally scratched and scored with burred screwdriver slot. weight bolt
I got rid of the small scratches, but the scoring was too deep to remove completely. I recut the screwdriver slot in my mill with a slitting saw. slot
Next I machined a delrin sleeve which was glued into the end of the butt. The weight bolt was then screwed in. butt2
To finish the butt, the sleeve was tapped to suit a brass insert for a cue extension, and a new rubber bumper fitted. bumper