Custom Cues

My real passion is making custom cues.

I have quite a bit of exotic timber in stock for forearms, handles and butt caps.

As well as the usual imported timbers like Rock Maple, Curly Maple, Black Walnut, and Ebony, I have some fantastic Australian hardwoods - Victorian Mountain Ash, Tasmanian Blackwood, Tasmanian Sassafras, and Jarrah.

The cues I make are cored for the full length of the butt. This method ensures a super strong cue with almost no chance of it warping in the future. They look great and hit really well.

I can do wrapless cues of course, but if you want a really spectacular looking cue, I have lots of Leather wraps in stock too.

Shafts to suit can be made to any diameter or taper in hard rock maple, kielwood, or carbon fiber, you can get exactly what you want.

Click on one of the Custom Cues in the menu in the left margin and you can see how they are made.